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Banking and Financial Institution

Credit and Debit Card Printing
Whether you are looking for the hardware to set up a small over-the-counter production at a branch level or a high-end centralized production, Matica offers debit and credit card printer to suits the needs of your financial institution.
Being able to print credit cards on site gives your local subsidiaries a greater flexibility in dealing with lost, damaged or stolen cards, higher processing speed, and lower ongoingcosts. Your customers can, in turn and pick them up after just a short wait at the counter and make purchases right away. In centralized bank card, printing money. Thus, it functions, best with an automated mailing and fulfillment solution(inline or stand-alone) to rule out inefficiencies and further personalize your products. This gets them ready to go out to your customers without the extra labor.


Prepaid Card Printing
Nowday's, prepaid cards are being used everywhere as an unbanked alternative to a checking account or banking cards. While these can also be employed in many industries as a one-time gift or layalty cards too a reloadable, open loop version such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express, who has to provide the same security and durability as a conventional credit card. Therefore, prepaid card printing needs to follow similarly high standards of financial supply.

Matica's comprehensive portfolio offers solutions for a variety of specifications and production requirements. Choose among a compact and handy desktop printer, such as XID 8300 for daly in- store demand or a robust high-capacity model for large-volume centralized prepaid card printing. All Matica's instant issuance system can be further supplemented with a Matica Financial Security Pack to ensure an even higher physical and logical security.


Instant Issuance of Personalized Payment Cards
Supplying personalized payment cards directly to users has several advantages for banking institutions, whateverthecard type - including cash withdrawl cards, debit cards, credit cards,
or prepaid cards.


Improved customer experience:

  • Cards are issued right way and can be used immediately.
  • Choice of cards template with the option to add personal photos.


Increased return on investment:

  • More flexibility compared with centralized issuance
  • No delivery fees
  • Reduction in risks of loss or fraud
  • Maximized revenues thanks to a higher card activation rate.